Crypto Radio Podcast guests Thomas Cocirta and Vince Meens, the founders of Mobotiq, discuss the future of transportation and how we can move towards cheaper and more abundant mobility options.

Thomas Cocirta and Vince Meens, the founders of Mobotiq, discuss the future of urban transportation.    

Mobotiq is a peer-to-peer decentralized mobility operator that designs and builds its own autonomous vehicles. These vehicles are based on open source hardware so they can be copied and locally produced in any part of the world. The members of Mobotiq platform are not only users of the vehicles, but also investors, designers and manufacturers, who are constantly improving the vehicles and the user experience. After the trial phase is over, Mobotiq plans to test the vehicles in Paris, which is a city with a variety of transportation demands. In this episode we talk to Thomas and Vince about what individual and public mobility will look like in the future, and how we can move away from a car-based society to alternative mobility options and business models.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How a decentralized mobility operator works on a practical level
  • How open source hardware and manufacturing affects the car market
  • Community as the owner of vehicles and the mobility platform  
  • A new business model for transportation that uses local energy and local financing
  • How Mobotiq and similar platforms help contribute to equal opportunities in mobility
  • What does virality have to do with vehicle manufacturing? 
  • Decision making in a decentralized, community owned mobility platform
  • How to incentivize users to contribute to the platform on both engineering and business side
  • How tokenization works and how members can earn and spend tokens
  • Complying with regulations
  • The Mobotiq ICO and roadmap


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