Martin Köppelman talks about Gnosis and Circles, the projects that build infrastructures for prediction markets and universal basic income respectively.

Our guest in this episode is Martin Köppelman, the CEO and co-founder of Gnosis, a decentralized prediction market platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. We both attended the Aracon Conference in Berlin, which focused on decentralized and distributed governance. Martin is also one of the creators of Circles, a cryptocurrency project that aims to create and distribute a globally accessible Universal Basic Income. In this interview we discuss how to build the infrastructure necessary for prediction markets to operate, Martin’s experiences with decentralized governance models, and ways to make universal basic income a reality.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • The genesis and starting goal of Gnosis, related to the beginnings of Ethereum
  • How Gnosis works, building the infrastructure that will lead to operational prediction markets
  • Crypto wallet and exchange platform as infrastructural basis for prediction markets
  • Launching dxDAO in 2019 as a fully decentralized governance infrastructure piece of Gnosis
  • What are the biggest barriers to maintaining an efficient flat organization such as dxDAO
  • Proposal, voting and incentives mechanisms in dxDAO
  • Possible use cases for dxDAO in superscalable organizations
  • What is Circles Project and how it builds the idea of UBI into a digital currency
  • Social contracts system and a different, but compatible currency for each user of Circles
  • Solving issues of trust, social contract pressure and preventing fraud in Circles
  • The first test use case of Circles in a cafe in Berlin
  • DAOs as a self-sovereign way to organize people to live together and tackle global problems such as climate change and basic income
  • Technical experimentation phase and why DAOs are inaccessible to most people

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