Phil George and Nesh Sooriyan of Bamboo

Phil George and Nesh Sooriyan explain how Bamboo enables average people to buy crypto assets quickly and easily.  

Bamboo is a mobile application and a microinvestments platform that enables people to buy crypto assets like Bitcoin in under a minute, using their bank account and a mobile phone. The idea is to start small and round up the spare change from recent transactions, and invest it in cryptocurrencies. The app is meant to be accessible to the average person, not just crypto geeks. Phil George and Nesh Sooriyan explain how Bamboo uses the gamified models of successful applications like Uber or AirBnb to incentivize users to invite other, less experienced users onto the platform. This way they aim to educate users and raise awareness of the blockchain technology, as well reduce the barriers for participation in the ecosystem.

BAM Token and Token Sale

Bamboo Tokens (BAM) are utility tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are needed to access the Bamboo platform and serve as units to pay the fees for using the platform. The users can also freely transact the tokens, and store them in any ERC20 compatible wallet.   

The private sale of BAM tokens is currently underway and is planned to last until the end of June 2018. The goal is to reach the hard cap of 20 million USD. A public sale is not planned at this point, but anyone interested in purchasing the tokens can register on the Whitelist.

Roadmap and Partnerships  

The launch of the first version of the Bamboo platform available in Australia is planned by the fall of 2018. By end of the year the platform should become available in the United States and in 2019 it will be available in Switzerland and other countries, upon setting up the regulatory structure.

Bamboo has a number of partnerships in place to help build, regulate and distribute the platform. Some of their partners are Digital Capital Management, DigitalX, KPMG or Reedsmith.    


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