If you’ve got a Podcast, YouTube channel, or audience of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, read on...

Sponsors are one of the best ways to monetize your content, but they’re hard to find, and harder to keep. Why?

  • They need to already know you

    They need to be sold on your brand and your audience, and if they’re not already familiar with you or haven’t been introduced by one of your listeners, they’ll usually pass you up.

  • You need to manage them

    Once they’re on board, they need to be managed. Sponsors have lots of questions and need a degree of handholding. If you’re too busy making your content to manage your sponsors, you’ll eventually see them drop off.

  • You need content that will convert

    You might be able to generate the traffic, but your sponsor can’t always make sales as a result. They need content and copy that converts, and if they don’t have it, they’ll blame you.

The emerging crypto startup world is the perfect opportunity to monetize your content. Startups in this space are tech savvy, highly competitive, need a lot of eyeballs quickly, and have money to spend.

The problem is that as soon as they raise the funds they’re looking for, they no longer need the big marketing push, so you’ll need to replace them fast with the next startup. If you don’t already have a pipeline of startups lined up to sponsor you, you’ll spend all your time hunting them down.

That’s where we can help…

  • We connect you to sponsors

    We connect you with vetted cryptocurrency startups who want to sponsor your content.

  • We'll create ad content for you

    We provide audio, video, and graphics content to help educate your audience on the blockchain startups that will sponsor you.

  • A great way to earn crypto

    We help you move into the growing world of cryptocurrencies by paying you sponsorship fees with crypto.

You don’t have to grind in email outreach, face countless rejections, handhold demanding sponsors, and miss out on the opportunity of monetizing the content you’re already creating.

Want to create a regular and recurring income from your content?

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